Our history

With over 20 years of experience,
Instant Link is leader in urgent
industrial transport
all over Europe.

We are an international company specialised in logistical express services and supply chain support at critical times for production schedules and industrial supply.

Our clients are leading companies in technology and different industries: automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, textile… The automotive sector is one of our specialties. Both manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and components rely on us to transport their goods.

We have a great fleet of vehicles available in over 40 countries. Our vehicles are prepared to deal with services such as dangerous goods (ADR), temperature controlled or valuable and delicate goods.

Furthermore, rely on our extensive experience in Milk Run and On Board Courier, among others.

With Instant Link,
the delivery is always guaranteed.

Breve historia de la empresa

Instant Link started its' activity in 1998, when the business opportunity was discovered, mainly due to clients in the automotive industry, who required urgent and dedicated transport services.

As a consequence of that requirement Instant Link specialised in urgent and direct transport.

Instant Link expands these services to other clients on the national market and by means of our call center we also accessed the international market.

In 2004 the logistics warehouse started to which our clients can outsource part of their production process. Nowadays we have 15.000 m2 of warehouse. This way Instant Link has become a fundamental part of the supply chain.

Instant Link in numbers

+ 900

Daily deliveries

+ 1500

Geolocated vehicles

+ 7


+ 40

Countries operated