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Direct, urgent and secure delivery

With more than 2000 geolocated vehicles and our extensive logistics infrastructure, with our own warehousing system, we offer a premium service for the direct and urgent delivery of goods, without intermediaries.


25 years as a leader in Europe

Instant Link Premium Mobility has been operating for over 25 years throughout Europe, the UK, Switzerland, Turkey and Morocco. Our extensive experience, as well as the specialisation of our team of international agents, have made us one of the leaders in express and direct transport in Europe. We are experts in critical logistics services.

Our process

Your goods are ready to go in less than 2 hours.

Instant Link Premium Mobility is our commitment to provide you with a fast and reliable industrial express transport service. We understand that in today’s business world, speed and efficiency are critical to success.

We received the request

In less than 10 minutes we give you an answer

Solution in less than 30 minutes

Vehicle positioning in 2 hours

We inform you of the journey every 3 hours

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International shipping and service

At Instant Link Premium Mobility we offer a direct, urgent and unmediated service throughout Europe.

Our multidisciplinary team of international agents is at your disposal for the management of all types of documents and customs procedures.

Trust the best, and breathe easy. We take care of everything.

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Instant Link Premium Mobility is an international company dedicated to critical logistics services and supply chain process support with more than 25 years of experience.

 Our speciality is the express transport of goods, with exclusive loading and direct and guaranteed delivery.